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The 100 question survey :)

1. Age 
  When your fifteen.... there's neva a wiish betta than this... When you only got a hundred years to liiiive. somesomething lalallalala caught in between ten and twnety and I'm just dreaminnn somethingsomething
2. Date
  I've got none. But my birthday is June 8 btw
3. Sex/Gender
  I'm strictly a female~~ FEMALE (apparently I really like singing today)
4. Name or if you dont wana tell me, what's your nickname 
  Tatianna but my nickname is Tot... Except two people always call me Toty and I found it very endearing because those two are ammmazzzing people and someone realized that they called me Toty and now everyone calls me Toty because they think it's adorable and now it's not so endearing.
5. Favourite food 
  My mums cream-cheesy sour-creamy -chili-filled jalapeno spicy dip with bread crumbs on top and oohhh it's sooo spicy and amazing I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.
6. Favourite drink
  Strawberry lemonade, maybe. Or Dr. Pepper.
7. Favourite colour 
  white, bright blue, pastel-sunny yellow and baby pink
8. Do you think your pretty/ good looking? 
  I do think I'm pretty when I put on make up and get dolled up, but I always think everyone is twenty thousand times better looking than me.
9. Relationship status.. 
  Single but accidentally flirty and naturally really really affectionate and people think I like them even when I don't, but no one ever told me it was weird to hug everyone in sight, laugh at everything they say and hold their hand while skipping because it's fun.
10. Are you a devil or angel 
  Angel. Though someone called me a devil today because I joked about being someones druggie buddy and they said I was a bad kid and it weird because they joke about drugs constantly so like why is it weird for me to joke about it?? I wasn't serious. But apparently my angel facade is falling and I need to keep it up.
11. Mum or Dad
  What? Why should I choose? I love them both equally. I'm a mommy's' girl and a daddy's' girl.
12. Cats or dogs
  Ummmm...... I can't choose. I'm not a fan of either honestly but I do love animals. I pick toucans
13. Pick one: Spring , Summer , Autumn or Winter 
  SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER there should be no question about this bebe. Sno cone, beach berry, the beach, friends, camps, the sun... Summer is absolutely perfect
14. Facebook or Twitter
  Niether. Tumblr. I hate facebook it just depresses me there's only drama and idiots and people you have to please. I love them, but they can be absolute idiots. Like when they say stuff like 'I'd slap you but I don't want to get slut on me' as they're status, I just want to say "Oh really? Sounds like your too scared to even confront them in person, so you have to do it behind a computer screen?' If your going to try and sound tough you might as well be tough. Your going to threaten them then you better do it right. If you comment it on facebook that just makes you a wuss. I'm not a fighter, but I would NEVER trash talk online when I can punch them and feel a LOT better. Is updating your status ferocious to them? IDK but it drives me absolutely crazy. Sorry I'm ranting I just hate that.
15. Doritos or walkers
  Doritos baby
16.  Run or walk 
  Run <3
17. Pick a smiley 1:  2:  3:  or 4:  (say the number
  What? There is no smiley
18. Day or night? 
  Day day day
19. Books or TV 
20. Do you like michael jackson?
  I do actually
21. Are you a miley cyrus fan?
  No, not at all. I don't hate her, I'm just severely dissapointed by her. And anyway, she just isn't my 'cup of tea', but she doesn't mean harm, I'll let her be.
22. Do you like black eyed peas?
  Um yes kind of but not... a lot.
23. Justin bieber: Boy or girl 
  Haha I won't be mean to him, I won't. Obviously he's doing something right seeing as he's so famous, but I'm not a fan at all. And from my knowledge, he doesn't seem very nice, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this.
24. Lady Gaga: Boy or girl 
  I think some of her songs like Just Dance are really good, she's a little out-there but I don't dislike her, but I don't love her either.
25.  Are you enjoying this quiz? Also say why :)
  I am actually, and idk I just do :)
26. Can you guess my name? No cheating 
27. 5 Words to describe yourself...
  happy, nice, cuddly, loud, artist
28.  5 words to describe your family...
  Sweet, patient, loving, amazing, and hilarious
29. How bored are you on a scale of 1-10, 1 being Not bored at all and 10 being bored outta your mind 
  Erm about a four
30. What is the time
  1:52 but this clock is wrong it's probably like 12:30 or something
31.  Who is your best friend
  Rachael, no doubt, But also Ashlynn, Hailey, and Maddie
32. 5 Words to describe your best friend...
  Rachael; So so sweet, caring, cray-cray, BRAVE, pretty
33. Are you a single child?
  Nope not at all
34. Are your parents still together? 
  Yes, for 15 years
35. What song are you listening to at the moment?
  None, but if I had to listen to music I'd listen to Fell In Love With A Girl - White Stripes or Go Go Dancer by Lana Del Rey
36. What is your favourite song?
  Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
37.  Who is your favourite band/singer?
  Lana Del Rey probs
38. Do you have an xbox360?
  I do
39. Do you have a PSP?
  I don't
40. Do you have a PS3?
41. Do you have a mobile phone?
42. Do you have an ipod?
43. Choose one: Barbie or Ken  
  Barbie because that shiny piece of plastic is faabbbbulouuuus. If I had boobs like that who knows what I'd do. I'd be fierce.
44. Karate Kid or Toy Story 3 (i like Karate kid )
  Karate Kid of course I love that movie :)
45. Do you have any pets?
  TONS. I won't even start
46. I have 3 cats, the picture is of one of them... what do you think of him? Cute, right? lol 
  He looks so sleepy <3 Aw but also kind of sad
47. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
  Following the rules in Alladin, I would wish for my Tumblr page to come true (as in the clothes and stuff I'd have), I;d be a much better artist and be Ariana Grande's best friend. (Here's my tumblr btw)
48. Are you a christian 
  Yes I am very religious
49. Do you believe in ghosts 
  I do not,but they scare me nonetheless lol
50. Have you ever watched the Titanic, if yes- did you cry? 
  I haven't and I won't. I mean, I hate Romeo and Juliet I think it isn't romantic at all, in fact it's worse than TWILIGHT in my opinion.
51. Do you smoke? 
  Nope :)
52. Do you Hate smoking? I do! 
  Well, I think people make their own choices, and we shouldn't judge them for choosing cigarettes but all we can do is try to help as best as we can and show them we love them and want the best for them. I hate the smoking in itself, but I don't hate the smoker.
53. Simpsons or Futurama?
  Oh neither that just isn't my thing at all. I can't stand either.
54. Hair colour? 
  Dark brown with natural light caramel brown and auburn redd-ish highlights
55. Are you blonde on the inside? 
  Like mentally blonde? Haha people say so, I'm kind of ditsy according to them. It isn't a bad thing I guess but I kind of wish I blended in more... I'm just crazy and that's okay. I'm not stupid though.
56. Thorpe park or Chessington?
57. Are you in lurvvvv 
  Haha maybe not in love love but I do have one crush and then there's this one guy who is super hot and siiinggleee and I wouldn't miiiinndd dating him at allll, but sadly he's like 25 and that would be very wrong.
58.  Do you believe in miracle's? 
  Yes, of course I do.
59.  Christmas or your Birthday?  
  My birthday because it's in the summer and I get to choose my favorite meal :)
60. Do you celebrate halloween? 
  I do actually
61. Ultimate question:  Fat and rich or thin and poor 
  Haha, if I was rich I could get plastic surgery and liposuction's to get my perfect body, and have perfect clothes and look freaking awesome. So fat and rich.
62. What do you wana be when you grow up, but if your grown up already - what did you wana be as a kid?
  Oooh, this is a confession... Ever since I was eleven I wanted to be a tattoo artist but I've never wanted a tattoo, and I can't tell people this because our church doesn't beleive in tattoo's and I don't agree with disfiguring your natural body but I love tattoo's, and I would love to design them and just be a tattoo-less tattoo artist.
63. How many people are online facebook now?
  I have no idea, I told you I'm never on there
64. Do you have anybody you hate online?
  I don't hate anybody love. I dislike... like four people tops. I'm not a very hating person. But the people I don't like I strongly dislike, they either made me miserable at some point or are mean to me.
65. Have you ever heard of Shane Dawson? Do you like him?
  sounds fimiliar but I'm not sure sorry hun.
66.  Ever heard of Supermac18? Do you like him?
67. You must have heard of fRed right? What do you think of him?
  Oh no I don't like Fred at all, but I'm glad other people like him and that he's doing pretty good right now. That's just not me.
68. Do you play a musical instrumental? If yes, what instrument?
  Piano, darling, but not very well
69. In your opinion, is there a difference between ly, luv ya and i love you?
  ly is, like, quick and just natural, luv ya is like happy and like friendly love and I love you is either serious love or 'oh haha I love you!' friend love but more serious than the playful luv ya! and stuff. Idk lol.
70. 3 words to describe this survey so far 
  Fun, interesting, annnnnd long
71.  Have you ever been in hospital?
  Yes I have. I had surgery when I was little and was in very severe pain a few years back, like so bad I was sobbing and screaming on the hotel bed and every bit of movement hurt I couldn't even ride in the car without sobbing and screaming the whole time. Turned out I had a sist (like an air bubble) on my ovaries.
72. Favourite school subject?
  Math :) I'm trying to learn to love all things though so I'll be trying to look into some interesting science and history topics over the summer, just because I want to be a well-rounded and educated person, to be able to hold a good conversation about anything maybe.
73. Are you a drama king/queen 
  Nooot really.
74. What month were you born?
  June :)
75. How long is the longest survey you've ever taken? 
  300 questions in one, but I've done over a thousand questions in one night before I was sooo bored. I did like 5 100 ones lol
76. Where on your head is your parting: To the right, left, middle or do you not have one?
  Like my hair? My bangs swoop to the right :) So it starts at the left I guess whatever you want to call it.
77. Can you read music?
  Yes but not well . I play piano better off direct instruction and memory.
78. Have you ever been to a concert
  Multiple but my all-time favorites are by cover bands at beachy day-time festivals :) I absolutely love those.
79.  Have you ever bullied anyone or have you been bullied before?
  No I wouldn't say I've ever bullied but I used to be very judgemental and would gossip a lot, and I'm the complete opposite now. In fifth grade I was very badly bullied.
80. Ever wished on a shooting star?
  Yes I have.
81. Can you cook? If you can, what's the best thing you can cook?
  Yes! I'm actually a pretty good cook, but I don't exactly enjoy it. Well, I like feeding people and feeling nuturing so I do like cleaning and cooking but not like a hobby or anything. I'm really good at baking bread, cookies and cinnamon rolls from stratch, I've made a homemade chiffon dark chocolate cake before which was really complicated and I home-made the buttercream icing and ooohh it was amazing. But actually cooking; I make really good pancakes and bacon, fajitas and fried pork chops :)
82. Surveys or quizzes
83. Bike or scooter
  Both!!! I like riding two scooters at once :) But I typically just ride bikes mostly. My lil bros have Avengers scooters, and when we go for walks they bring those and Cash always gives up so I ride his scooter and race his twin Van :) It's fun.
84. Ever ridden a motorbike?
  No. I wish though!
85. What is the time?
  You already asked this lol :)
86. Had your first kiss yet? Was it romantic? x
  No! I wish!!!! I want it this year and it better be sweet! ;P
87. Sharks: Killers or amazing creatures?
  Both :)
88. Would you describe life as a rollercoaster? 
  No, my life is more of a spinning teacup ride :)
89. Do you have to share your bedroom?
  I do! Mind reader :P
90.  Is your bedroom Big or small
  Ohh I would say it;s average, but it's honestly bigger than most I guess. It's very crowded though so it appears smaller, and I don't like the way it was built-- it's very difficult to have furniture ordered around nicely without it being crowded or weird looking.
91.  Ever been camping?
  I have! And I loved it so much!! So we all went in a big group of friends to canoe to this island, and we built up our tents and had a campfire, a hike, cooked some really good food over the fire, etc.. Ashlynn and I were swimming all day in the ocean and just having so much fun, and we couldn;t sleep so we went wading in the water and saw the glowing blue things with Kelly who was down there I think :) In the morning we all went tubing and boating and saw dolphins, had a big fruit breakfast and went home :) The second time it was doing yard work for someone with huge beautiful ocean property and we camped there, and the boys came back in the morning and we had a huge picnic table breakfast, finished working and it was just so fun :)
92.  Bebo or myspace?
93. Are you popular?
  I wouldn't think so, but I'm loved and that's what matters :)
94. Do you believe in magic?
  Nope, sorry.
95. Do you like youtube? 
  Yes of course!
96. What 3 things couldnt you live without? 
  my friends, my family, and food.
97.  Ever watched Wicked?
  No but I've seen parts of it.
98. Ever watched Glee?
  Yes I love Glee
99. What's your favourite place in the world?
  Oooooh hmm, islands? But I would also love Belguim. Or Paris. Or Bali :) But I love where i live so much I'm a lucky lucky girl :)
100. Have you enjoyed this survey?
  I did!
101. Have you realised this is the 101st question  Any last words?
  No I don't but it was fun :)


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, my name is Tatianna ^.^ And I looove art, obviously. Drawing, mostly, but if I could do better in anything, it would be oil painting; it's something that is just way too hard for me! I do like painting with acrylic and watercolor, and use other things like plaster, silicone, etc..
I'm obsessed and inspired by some of the smallest, dumbest things;; I love lots of colors, and I have an obsession with architecture (aside from the modern architecture), vintage (even the cars), flowers-- mostly rose gardens, actually, etc..
And aside from drawing/painting (which is honestly not something I do too much, sometimes I won't draw for months, and I plan on fixing that.), I love reading, writing, being outside, running and playing piano. :)



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